2012. március 23., péntek

Hungarian Revolution of 1848

Hey long time no see! Totally my bad. So what's my excuse this time? To be honest I've not been feeling like loging in lately. It's all shining outside and got a new bike too and still busy with all my school stuff cos I was ill and missed 1 and a half weeks and been trying to catch up and still feel under the weather. I've already missed my swimming lessons three times in a row. So that's more or less why I was away.But now I'm back to post this drawing of mine to pay my respect for our revolution of 1848. 

Feeling Hungarian
Okay I know he looks like an Eskimo but I'm still happy with it. Who knows Eskimos might celebrate it as well. So many Hungarian people live around the world. Oh and Have you spotted his cockade. We all wear one on this day and my was really beautiful cos mom made it what a pity I can't show you now but I gave it to one of my cousins. In the middle the green part of it was heart-shaped and attached by a nice little button. Actually I drew this last year but at that time I forgot to show you and I know today is not quite accurate either cos the exact date for celebration of it is march 15. That's the day the revolution started 164 years ago with bloodless mass demonstrations in Buda and Pest the day when Petőfi (my unintentional wintery interpretation of him is here) read the Nemzeti dal aloud in Vörösmarty Square to a gathering crowd and his poem which is called National song in English is said to have inspired the revolution. I like it and know it by heart and after little googling I can show you its translation in English if you click here.
And on youtube I found these pieces, 3 ways to recite the poem. I like the first one cos the actor reciting is the one who gave his voice to the great Mufasa in the movie Lion King. It's like a warm pillow. You feel safe. The other 2 are quite disturbing. Especially that girl's interpretation and if you listen carefully to the last one you'd tell it's a bit different cos that actor is leaving out the refrain and makes the poem so different like it's a sudden explosion. 

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  1. Love the drawing! Here's to the Eskimos! Here's to Hungary! Here's to Lili! :-) Glad you are feeling better and also that you got a new bike. Sounds fun!

  2. Lili, where did you go?? Are you drawing somewhere else? :-)