2011. május 17., kedd

Safari disco

Hi everybody! I've just checked our last friday word which is safari and i have to admit that i am one of the keenest supporters of all kinds of safari things and this month issue of the nat geo kids has a lot on Linger which is the tiger lion hybrid and other interesting stuff. but anyway my piece is not that huge i made it at a creative workshop for kids held by cellux art group and the girl is one of mum's friend from the university and for my project we used only recycled things and some other out of the litter bin goodies and it was great fun to do and i made among other things this picture card collage named forest disco but now it really seems to be a 100 % safari piece with my monkeys, right? 

oh and talking of monkeys! we have this dear old baboon retired from a circus but now she's in the chains and a rickety shack providing shelter from our outside world and she's a bit fatty and not moving that much just sitting there and it's much sadder than it might sound now i tell you. But there is this noé állatotthon alapítvány who wants to do some good things for her and you can do your part too offering things for which others can bid money so we together can bild her loveshack a bit of safari out of our heart. so far there's only our piece to bid for and he is a tarsier mum made but you can bid for other things in favour of other animals in need. So it's up to you too think of it. click here to see linda and click here if you can help.

3 megjegyzés:

  1. Hi Lili.
    It's Linda here, the retired old one:)
    Thanks for sharing my story, hope to see you soon in my future home at Noé.

  2. Dear Lili, I adore your collage and the story behind it! Also the fact that you used only recylcled pieces : ) lovely work, lovely colors : )

  3. nice idea to help the environment.
    You have a lovely blog ♥