2011. május 18., szerda

It's about Kim!

you just won't belive it what happened to me. ready? okey here are the facts. morning half past 6 i woke up. okey forced my eyelids open daddy singing stole my blanket it was cold then mum came with the hot chocolate i hate mornings i tell you okey and then i had to dress put on socks and stuff and then my turn in the bathroom teeth and face and the likes and then it happened there was it hiding on my messy desk among the things i've not been able to get rid of but that was special cos that was a box from FLORIDA!!! florida's in the usa you know so so far from here. oh my first parcel from a blogfriend. and this blogfriend of mine is kim who happens to be a soggy dog in florida wow this is the first time and i am so happy and excited and i cant wait 2 and a half more hours for opening it but i have to cos first comes my violin lesson and this time i'm gonna be accompanied on the piano too and i'd have known my piece by heart by now but i don't but the point is i got this box from florida and i'm very very happy oh and kim is the girl who won my contest months ago along with the artist and illustrator adrew finnie from australia and an other girl apple but she didn't told me her adress cos she needed more time to know and gave me the adress and i think i'm gonna give that declined parcel away i think my pick might be symphaty for devil (brrrr) indra who's never felt the snow or maybe willie baronet who is rrramone or jack. i don't know yet. kim was the first who got the parcel cos i read her comment and i knew from that cos she wrote it as well that she has something for me cos i made her smile. So a couple of hours and we will see and smile! Oh no picture this time from here i can't manage but later on i'll took some and post some here bye LiLi out have to go bye    

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  1. Hello Lilli how are you :) ? A soggy dog? You make me laugh a lot!