2010. február 21., vasárnap


i was watching night at the museum, and in that there was that big head of a statue that always tells larry: you new dum-dum. you give me gum-gum, that actually sounds funnier in Hungarian to tell you but anyway I just want to hint some clue where it came from, I mean my new drawing. I was told that the meaning of the word propagate got something to do with those lots of desperate thoughts out there and in there looking for connection. there are kerjillions of them perhaps even more and it’s too big of a number to cope with on a single sheet and then I was wondering what it could be like in the real world where 2 of those gigantic island heads would face each other and there’d be no gum-gum, and no dum-dum and of course they couldn’t move and i think there would be a spider who’d carry from one mouth to the other each and every piece of the things whirling deep inside of those rock minds. well it’s a hard work to do for only one spider so i drew his deputy too. my favorite head is the one with the flag hair. it is really a she. the boy says hé that is ha in English like in ha, I knew she was hiding something but we don’t know of course what she’s hiding as you see I cross lined her words for it is only between the two heads. me and the spider keep our lips sealed.

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  1. Lilly, I love your site! You are only eight? I wish one of my son's would try this. good luck and keep drawing...you are very good.

  2. whoa! I . . . like it! But I may not sleep tonight!