2010. február 20., szombat

Some of my recent sketches

this is the magic mushroom with my big heart tattooed on the middle of its round flat head and me as a fairy peeking out from the back of the stem. I know it looks like we are flying but it’s only because this is just a sketch. I don’t know. we might really flying. while drawing I was thinking of love. and of course friendship that’s very important too. during making the picture I was peeping over to my newt blowing bubbles with my 2 tiny clawed frogs. it drew a nice smile on my face. My dad and mom are left out. they were possibly working at that time. beneath it stands Cleopatra’s sarcophagus. next to it there’s a denture that looks a lot like my godparent, krisztián. obviously my godparent is not a set of false teeth but a cartoonist or will be and loves space creatures very much. (top secret: he keeps a very scary plastic alien doll on his desk and draws childsoulsucking metal boxes. kind of barbarian isn’t it?) then there are spongebob and patrik from tv. At the bottom there is a figure that was supposed to be catwoman but at the end of the day it became a devilgirl who’s I have to confess a bit like me.

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